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2022년 9월 2일

Logbook TV Park Yu-chun's Signal Season 1 Change Guide

로그북 티비 박유천의 시그널 시즌1 시청방법 변경안내

안녕하세요 로그북 티비입니다.

이번 9월 부터 6개월간 방송하는 박유천의 시그널 시즌 1( 첫방송 9월 7일 )의 시청 방법이 변경되었습니다.

변경된 시청방법을 확인하여 주시기 바랍니다.

Boadcasting Information

* 기존 공지된 mahocast.com을 통해서는 시청하실 수 없으며 시청코드는 발송되지 않습니다. 

정확한 내용은 변경된 시청방법을 확인하여 주시기 바랍니다.

* 사전 시청 테스트를 위하여 1개월 6개월 구독자에 한하여 9월 6일  9시  00 분~ 9시  15분에 

기존에 개별로 보내드린 박유천 특전영상(영어,일본어 자막 추가)을 방영 합니다. 





Boadcasting Information

* 既に公示されているmahocast.comでは視聴できず、視聴コードは発送されません。 変更された視聴方法は上のリンクでご確認ください。

* 事前視聴テストのために1ヶ月と6ヶ月のサブスク視聴者に限り、9月6日21時00分~21時15分(韓国、日本時間基準)に以前送付済のパク·ユチョン特典映像(英語、日本語字幕付き)を放送します。


Logbook TV Park Yu-chun's Signal Season 1 Change Guide

Hi, this is Logbook TV.

The viewing method of Park YuChun's Signal Season 1 (first broadcast September 7), which will be broadcast for six months from September, has been changed.

Please check the changed viewing method.

Boadcasting Information

* You cannot watch through the previously announced website, and no viewing code will be sent. Please check the changed viewing method for the correct information.

* For the pre-viewing test, only 1 month and 6 months subscribers will be able to watch the Park YuChun’s special video (additional English and Japanese subtitles) sent individually from 21:00 to 21:15 (based on Korea and Japan time) on September 6.

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